We Provide Specialized Solutions to the Real Estate Industry.

Rogers & Associates provides specialized solutions for principals and institutional owners in the real estate industry and board level advisory work. Our services include Board Level Strategy, Advisory Services, and Entity Level Investments.

Board Level Strategy

RA provides high level, strategic consultation for commercial real estate entities. We have expertise in asset management, leasing, entity and project level valuations, board management, and policy and strategy setting. We are prepared to execute strategy and plans if the need arises. This service includes execution until the assignment is complete. Additionally, RA brings significant, national board level practice covering all aspects of board management including strategy, compensation, audit, nominations and governance.

Advisory Services

RA advises its clients on a wide range of complex topics including raising discretionary funds, entity level capitalization, and general partner and joint venture work outs. Each assignment is handled directly by Steve Rogers assuring significant experience, analytical rigor, and confidential execution are applied to the assignment.

Entity Level Investments

RA assists owners in raising debt and equity capital at the project and entity level. This includes investing directly in the real estate projects along with the other equity investors and owners. Debt capital is raised on both a recourse and non-recourse basis including banks, life companies and CMBS lenders. Equity capital typically takes the form of preferred equity. Particular attention is paid to alignment of interest of the owners and investors. RA has completed numerous assignments / investments since inception.